What is Cake PHP?

Cake PHP is an open source web application framework that provides an architectural base for the development of websites and complex web applications. Based on the concept of Ruby on Rails, Cake PHP uses established design patterns like Object-Relational Mapping (ORM), Model-View-Controller (MVC) and Convention over Configuration (COC) paradigms. This imparts an unmatched extensibility to it and makes it ideal for developing and deploying large scale web apps within a relatively short period of time.

Why Cake PHP?
Cake PHP web application development is fast
It offers powerful data validation features
It is ideally suited for data based website
It facilitates the development of complex applications with a minimal amount of coding
It is cost effective and saves time required for website development
It is compatible with PHP4 and PHP5, AJAX
It also offers CSFR protection; highly secure tools for input validation, Application Scaffolding, Built in Validation and Authentication Access Control Lists (ACL) data sanitization
It also offers support for multiple tasks and much more
Some studetnts are selected for working on live project according to their performance.
Why Us?
We have a team of highly creative and experienced Cake PHP developers
We specialize in designing, developing and deploying cutting edge Cake PHP solutions
At LSPL, we offer functional, feature rich and cost effective Cake PHP Web development services
Our Cake PHP development service package includes development of E-commerce Cart, Event Calendar, Google Maps
We also develop Message Boards, Newsflash scrolling, Comments and Reviews, Directory, Guest Book, Chat Room and much more with our Cake PHP web development services Kanpur, India
Our websites are W3C compliant and stringently checked for quality control
We never miss our promised turnaround time

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