Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

First thing that instantly comes to your mind, when you are looking for someone’s website is the keywords. It is also the same if somebody is looking for your website for products and services. This is perhaps true as 90% of the websites are found in this manner. The importance of having high rankings in the results page is evident. The process of going through the steps required to have a higher rank in search engines is known as “Search Engine Optimization” and is a part of the internet marketing process. If you want to expand your business horizons and rankings online, SEO services are a must! LSPL has a systematic approach to search engine optimization that helps clients in improving traffic to your website.

Further, search engine optimization also includes detailed reporting of website report, submission to important search engines, restructuring website structure and content and other strategies that are designed to improve website rank's in search engines.

Advantages of search engine optimization services we offer:

LSPL offers quality search engine optimization services to our clients that are highly placed in renowned search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN along with others. It is seen that prospective clients or people hardly search beyond the first page so it becomes imperative. That your site is listed high using relevant keywords or phrases from your business to have a high business ranking

SEO includes various areas such as:

Well-structured Web Page Design
Submission to search engines and selected directories
Appropriate web site linking from other sites
Well written Web Site Content
Carefully designed Meta tags and HTML
Website Analysis Report

The Website Analysis Report is a brilliant way to acquire a broad understanding of what can be done to make your site more search engine friendly and what should be done in order to improve rankings. The website analysis report includes the following:

Analysis of your website's meta tags and content
Analysis of keyword effectiveness
HTML code errors
Link popularity
Page ranking on the major search engines
Loading time check

When your website is submitted in search engines, it increases the online sales dramatically. If you have invested much time and money in your website, then it's a MUST that you submit your website online otherwise it will be invisible virtually, that means efforts gone in vain. So, if you want your website to have the maximum viewers and revenue boosts, the best way is to make your website visible online where people search for information i.e submit your website in various search engines.

LSPL SEO Services
Ranking reports
Meta tag optimization
Keyword analysis
Try for top ten rankings
Competition analysis
Search engine submission
Keywords based optimization strategy
Make your landing pages search engine friendly
Link development
Make your secondary pages search engine friendly
Try for indented listings
Directory submission
List of Best and Worst practices for designing a high traffic website

Mentioned below is a checklist of various factors that can affect your rankings with Google, Bing, Yahoo! and the other search engines. The list comprises positive, negative and neutral factors as they all exist in the online business. Most of the factors that are enlisted below apply mainly to Google and partly to Bing, Yahoo!

If you'd like to have detailed information about the factors, then you may want to read our SEO tutorial, which provides detailed information regarding Keywords, Links, Metatags and Visual Extras.

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