The Internet is crowded both with businesses and consumers. However, it is yet to be segregated properly. There are billions of consumers for thousands of products and services and so there are millions of businesses to cater them. But there is a lack of definitive channels. Search engines and referral advertisements aid businesses to reach to their potential clients but are not a perennial source.

Online media advertising makes up for this deficiency. It can attract consumers for your business groups directly from the targeted user base. You do not have to have to look up to millions of users and keep yourself satisfied with low conversion rate.

At LSPL, we have earned expertise over various popular channels of online media advertisements. We understand and have in-depth know how of the working of these channels. We also have expertise in tweaking these channels of online media advertising ensuring you benefit the most.

Top Formats of Media Buying

You have a great product or service to offer but your business is not visible to your clients. At LSPL, we will devise Cost per impression campaigns for your business ensuring it is visible at the right time to the potential clients. CPM campaigns are designed in a way that you have to pay only impressions/views garnered by your advertisement. We will manage the campaign right from its content to its intent and all that within your budget.

Your business is visible to your clients but is not free from competition. CPC campaigns give you the chance to rise above the competition and you have to pay only for clicks on your advertisements. More importantly you shell out only for clicks from unique visitors. At LSPL, we have best brains working to strategies and develop effective Cost per click campaigns for your business requirements.

If you have lots of views over your website but the conversion is still reeling then it implies that you are not reaching out to your targeted user base. Cost per lead campaigns can be customized to ensure that you are flooded with genuine business leads. We at LSPL devise and implement CPL campaigns and also offer you customized programs enabling you track the return on investment over your Cost per lead campaigns.

This is ideally suited for websites dealing with costly products or services. There might be genuine leads but actual customers are few and therefore, Cost per transaction should be your call. In this program you pay only after a valid transaction is registered from your website. We at LSPL offer you complete management of Cost of transaction campaigns ensuring high ROI from your online business.

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