Social Media Marketing (SMM)

SMM pertains to popularizing the online businesses over top social media platforms. These platforms offer unparalleled opportunities with their humongous user base. Additionally, social media platforms also act as a perennial source of direct/referral traffic unlike organic traffic that comes as a result of continued process of search engine optimization.

We at LSPL as one of the leading social media marketing company in Kanpur and in India, ensures that the online presence of our clients reaches to every single targeted user. As a social media agency our idea is to spread information faster via social media and social networking user groups where users with common interest for related product or services flock together.

Our team of expert social media marketers and optimizers with their years of experience in social media marketing ensures that we achieve both branding as well as high worth targeted traffic for your online business.

Top Social Platforms


A Social Networking platform that reaches to more than one fifth of the human population
With more than 60% of active users it is lively and dominates the social media cosmos
We create and manage pages, profile and run campaigns for your business ensuring it garners thousands of Facebook fans

You Tube

Millions of videos and billions of per day views
Video contents posted on YouTube are most likely to be shared and liked
We develop video content for your business and promote it over the YouTube ensuring it reaches to a large number of targeted viewers


This is the corporate avatar of Social Media
A place to engage with business leaders and top guns of your genre
We manage and develop your Linkedin profile and grow your circle ensuring you gain popularity in the business circle you intend to lead


The microblogging platform that boast of being interactive in its uniquely simplistic way
With a user base of more than 200 million and growing it is ripe with business opportunities
We develop and manage your Twitter accounts ensuring you gain thousands of followers from your target user base


If a picture is worth thousand words then this is the platform to feature high above thousands of words put in by your competitors
It is the most popular image search engine and has gained wild popularity
We manage and develop Pinterest Boards and Pins that engage users and inform them about your online business and its offerings


It is not another Facebook; rather it can be the gateway of online success
Being a product of Google it is liked, loved and is used by billions
We manage your Google+ profile and pages ensuring you do not lose out on vast number of loyal G+ users who skipped Facebook

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